Student Leaders

2018-19 Student Leaders


Band Captain: Kody Kimberl

Librarian: Ashleigh Smith

Senior Head Drum Major: Madeline Markham

Junior Drum Major: Noah Rivers

Brass Tech: Juliette Fontaine

Woodwind Tech: Elizabeth White

Marching Tech: Rick Washington

Student Composer/Arranger: Cheyanne Burge

Color Guard Captains: Alyssa Prewitt and Tiana Williams

Majorette Captain: Bailey Saulsberry

Flute Section Leaders: Faith Ayers-Rhodes and Rachael Foretich

Clarinet Section Leader: Cameron Callahan and Tristan Miller

Alto Sax Section Leaders: Allyson Autrey and Elizabeth White

Tenor Sax Section Leader: Hunter Rupprecht

Trumpet Section Leaders: Andrew Conner and Ryan Jones

Mellophone Section Leader: Juliette Fontaine

Trombone Section Leaders: Xavier Mitchell and Cody Preston

Baritone Section Leader: Myiesha Hartley

Tuba Section Leader: Kody Kimberl

Drum Captains: Aunde' Conner, TJ May, and Amos Moorer



2017-18 Student Leaders

Band Captain:Kody Kimberl

Assistant Band Capatain: Rachael Foretich

Drum Majors: Tahlia Linder, Trinity Maracle, Madeline Markham

Marching Tech: Elizabeth White

Librarians: Amy Holliman, Ashleigh Smith

Flute Section leaders: Kimberly Vega, Cheyanne Burge

Clarinet Section leaders: Maya Riley, Kerri Williams

Alto Sax Section leaders: Kameron Horak, Noah Hall

Tenor Sax Section leader: Jasmine Mooney

Trumpet Section leaders: Kyle Joslin, Cesar Soriano 

Mellophone Section leader: Juliette Fontaine

Trombone Section leaders: Claude Schaller, Lauren Wheelis

Baritone Section leader: Myiesha Hartley

Tuba Section leader: Kody Kimberl

Percussion captains: Chase Rogers, Bryce Lyublanovits, Caleb Brown

Guard captains: Alyssa Prewitt, Tiana Williams