Welcome to the BTWHS Band!

(this page updated 6/10/2020)

(Parents, this includes you!)


First please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/n7aiyuVnT4CYkBdN9

Afterward please send Mr. Lawrence Young an email ([email protected]) and include the following information:

  • Student’s first & last name
  • Student’s district ID number
  • Parent/guardian first and last name
  • Parent/guardian phone number


We are changing up the way we do summer band this year.  We will not do a 2-week Rookie Band Camp the first week of summer break.  We will not do a 2-week Full Band Camp at the end of summer.  We will not begin marching until the first week of school, which is a big change that is very exciting and just a little alarming.  

We are writing this on March 24th so trying to post firm dates for anything in the next few months will be difficult.  We have a very active presence on FaceBook here: https://www.facebook.com/theplayingcats/ and will post and update events there as things change.  Our Google Calendar is also always updated and can be found here: https://goo.gl/PpUoYZ  Check out our proposed schedule below and then verify the dates on our calendar or FB page just to be safe!

Rookie Orientation Meetings:

 Every new student must attend ONE (1) band orientation meeting with a parent/guardian.  You may attend all if you’re feeling frisky, but the same information will be presented at each one so you won’t miss out on anything.  

  • 5/08/2020 5:30 – 7pm in the band room or auditorium
  • 5/12/2020 5:30 – 7pm in the band room or auditorium
  • 5/14/2020 5:30 – 7pm in the band room or auditorium

UPDATE (6/10/2020): The online rookie meeting will be held 6/16/2020 at 6pm. A link to join the online meeting will be emailed to everyone that filled out the form (https://forms.gle/n7aiyuVnT4CYkBdN9).

Color Guard and Percussion Fundamentals Camp: 

All members of the drumline and colorguard/majorettes must attend.  We will spend the entire time working on playing fundaments for drumline and work fundamentals for the color guard.  

While we will not be marching we MAY spend some time outdoors as we have a limited amount of indoor space available.  Bring water and a lunch.

  • WEEK 1: 6/08 – 6/12 9am – 1pm
  • WEEK 2: 7/28 – 7/30 9am – 1pm

UPDATE: 5/6/2020: These dates are most likely postponed. Again, once we are able to make a new plan with new dates we will contact everyone that filled out the form (https://forms.gle/n7aiyuVnT4CYkBdN9).

Music and Work Rehearsals: 

Every member of the BTWHS Marching Band in town and not sick is expected to attend both rehearsals.  There are only two – please plan around them!  We will not be marching – we will focus on music for our pre-game and halftime shows.

  • 8/03 5 – 7pm
  • 8/04 5 – 7pm

UPDATE (5/6/2020): Y’all probably already know what I’m about to say. These dates will probably change. Once we have new dates we’ll email everyone that fills out the form (https://forms.gle/n7aiyuVnT4CYkBdN9).


 This is where things get really fun.  At this point every rehearsal is required of every marching band student.  Students’ attendance is reflected in a participation grade in their band class.  Unexcused absences will result in lower grades.

Students must bring a change of clothes (including shoes) for marching rehearsals.  They must bring an insulated water jug (similar to this one, preferably) to drink from that can be refilled at our water station.  We recommend sending a snack to eat between school letting out and practice beginning.

  • Monday 8/10: First day of school, no rehearsal
  • Tuesday 8/11 3:30 – 5:15PM: Music (wind/percussion) and work (guard/majorettes) rehearsal, mostly indoor, no marching yet
  • Wednesday 8/12: No rehearsal
  • Thursday 8/13 3:30 – 7PM: Marching rehearsal
  • Friday 8/14 3:30 – 7PM: Marching rehearsal 
  • Saturday 8/15 9am – 4pm: Marching rehearsal

UPDATE (5/6/2020): Will these dates change too? Possibly! You know the speech already, just be sure to fill out the form.

Every other week throughout marching season: 

See previous section for rules about attendance at rehearsals.  We’ve moved to only 2 rehearsals per week to try to allow room for appointments and whatnot.

  • Every Tuesday: 3:30 – 6PM
  • Every Thursday: 3:30 – 6PM