5 things about lunch in the band room

Published: 2018-11-13 12:24:26 by jsmith

5 things about lunch in the band room:
  1. If you plan to spend your lunch period in the band room you must come immediately after the first bell.  Do not come down the hall after that without a pass from your block teacher (no, we will not write you a pass).  This is a school rule so please do not complain to us about it.
  2. You are not allowed to bring cafeteria food into the band room.  You must bring your lunch if you want to eat in there.  This is also a school rule.  See previous item about complaints. 
  3. You must bring directors a pass from your block teacher if you are in the band room during block outside of your usual lunch time.  Again, this is a school rule - don't complain to us.
  4. You must clean up after yourself every time you eat in the band room.  This is our rule.  I don't recommend complaining about it.
  5. You will keep the noise down during lunch.  Talking is fine; yelling (for fun or otherwise) is not.  Practicing is fine; turning the amp up to 11 and trying to impress your friends is not.  Drumming on a pad is fine; busting out a set of quads and disrupting classes all the way down to ROTC is not.  You get the picture.  This is our rule and if you would like to complain you can feel free to enjoy your lunch period in the cafeteria for the rest of the year.
Please understand that we do NOT have to keep the room open for you during lunches.  This is our planning period which could be spent very comfortably with doors locked, main room lights off, and lovely, blissful peace and quiet.  Spending your lunch period in the band room is a privilege that can be revoked at any time if we feel you are taking advantage of it.  

ATTENTION: We are not participating in the Veteran's Day Parade

Published: 2018-11-11 18:17:47 by jsmith

Due to projected bad weather we will NOT be participating in the Veteran's Day Parade on Monday, 11/12.

Community band parades

Published: 2018-11-07 16:51:06 by jsmith

Remember that each wind/percussion student is required to attend one of the two community band performances (Veteran's Day or Martin Luther King, Jr. Day) every year for a grade!

The Veteran's Day Parade is Monday, 11/12.  

  • 8:00am: report to corner of Main St. and Spring St. downtown
  • 9:00am: Parade begins
  • 10:00am: Band marches off parade route at Veteran's Memorial Park (this is where you'll pick up your student)

Students should wear their full marching band uniform with no hat.

Students should take home all instruments and their uniform on Friday. The band room will not be open over the weekend.


Busy weekend!

Published: 2018-11-07 16:43:26 by jsmith

FRIDAY 11/9:

The BTWHS drumline will play at Cordova Mall for the arrival of Santa Claus!

Drumline students should report to the mall at 6:30PM wearing their drumline shirt and jeans.  They may wear holiday-themed hats, but please no lights.


Foo-Foo Festival's Back on the Blocks Festival, 11/10

Required of all marching band students!

  • 12:00pm: Report at corner of LaRue St. and Devilliers St.
  • 12:15pm: Warm up
  • 12:45pm: Block up
  • 1:00pm: Performance begins
  • 2:00pm: Performance ends

Students should wear their blue band shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes.  Families are invited to stay and enjoy the Battle of the Bands as well as all remaining activities for the afternoon.  Students will be excused to leave following the performance.  There will be food vendors available!

Spots available on the DC/Philly trip in the spring!

Published: 2018-11-07 16:24:32 by jsmith

Are you or your student interested in going on the spring trip with us?  Good news!  We have room for both chaperones and students to join the trip! 
Go to our Google Drive (https://goo.gl/HfRACm) and open the folder titled "2019 Band Trip".  Print the chaperone contract, read it, and sign it.  Send that in with your $300 deposit (cash, check, or money order made out to BTWHS Band) to the drop box in the band room.  **Please note, all chaperones must have completed the blue volunteer application, passed a background check, and chaperoned with our students before the trip.
Go to our Google Drive (https://goo.gl/HfRACm) and open the folder titled "2019 Band Trip".  Print the student contract, read it, let your folks read it, and have everyone sign in the appropriate places.  Send that contract in with your $200 deposit (cash, check, or money order made out to BTWHS Band) to the drop box in the band room.

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