Band Camp Rehearsals

The way we used to do it…

We used to have two weeks of band camp right before school started.  We’d be on the driver’s ed range at 8am learning the halftime show, and then head in around 11am where we’d work music until 2pm.  We’d do this every day for 2 weeks. 

We realized one year that we always ended up having to relearn almost everything once school started due to new students, old students quitting, or any other kind of imaginable reason.  We decided to try something radical: nix the 2-week camp, and start learning the show after school starts. 

The way we do it now…

We are condensing 2 weeks of rehearsals into 3 days.  We will have rehearsals on the following days:

  • Thursday, 8/10 3:30 – 6:30pm
  • Friday, 8/11 3:30 – 6:30pm
  • Saturday, 8/12 8am-5pm

In order for this to be successful, everyone must attend all three days fully ready, willing, and able to learn. 

  • Eat breakfast
  • Eat lunch
  • Bring a change of clothes – including shoes – for rehearsal (you will be assigned a band locker for storage)
  • Bring your instrument, music, equipment
  • Bring an insulated, refillable water jug

Students MUST eat

You can not go out on the drivers ed range and sweat, jog, march, etc. on an empty tank.  Breakfast and lunch are free for everyone at Booker T.  PUT FOOD IN YOUR BELLY!

Students MUST bring an insulated water jug

Y’all have been outside.  You know what it’s like.  Plastic water bottles are NOT enough.  By the time the students get a water break it’ll be 105 degrees from sitting on the asphalt in the sun. 

Students MUST bring clothes to change out for rehearsal

Students will need PE-style clothing for rehearsals.  Bright/light colors will keep you from melting in the sun – please do not wear black.  Athletic shoes are required as students will be moving around a lot.  Crocs, slides, strappy sandals, boots, etc. are not allowed.  Students will keep their rehearsal clothes in their band locker during the school day.

Saturday rehearsal

DON’T BE LATE!  Rehearsal begins at 8, which means you should arrive BEFORE 8 to be ready to begin at 8.

FOOD: The boosters will provide lunch for students, but they are welcome to bring a packed lunch if they prefer.  Nobody is allowed to leave campus for lunch.

WEAR: athletic clothing, including shoes

BRING: music, instrument, equipment, water jug

What about rain?!

Unless the district closes everything – and we mean EVERYthing – we will almost certainly still have a rehearsal.  We have piles of music that need to be learned, so there will be no time wasted if we are stuck indoors.  In the event of a weather or facility emergency where a rehearsal needs to be cancelled we will contact you via text and email to let you know.

Do not miss these rehearsals!

Students not present at these rehearsals will begin the season as alternates.  Alternates will share a spot on the field or be plugged into a spot that opens up over the course of the year.  Every student will have a chance to learn a spot and march at a football game.

We have to be efficient for this to succeed!

Please prepare yourself for these rehearsals.  It’s gonna be hot and sticky.  Bring the correct clothing, fuel your body, bring a water jug (and DRINK it!), and be ready to be GREAT!

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