Car wash ticket pre-sale extended!

Doing the Lord’s work:

Folks at the booster meeting last night voted to extend the car wash ticket pre-sales for another week. 

New deadline:

You have until Freshman Orientation, 7/27, to raise money for your fees or trips by selling car wash tickets!  Every ticket costs $5 and that whole $5 goes directly into your Charms ledger to pay fees.  If you’ve paid up your fees I’ll post the money as a credit and will move it to the band trip once we get it posted!

As close to ‘free money’ as it gets!

I know I’ve said this a lot, but a 100% profit fundraiser is rare as a unicorn, y’all.  Going forward we are going to alternate where fundraiser profit goes: some fundraisers will benefit the boosters in general and some will directly benefit student ledgers.  Many of those will see you earning 30-40% profit at best.

Take advantage of this!  Sell these tickets!  Here’s how:

Car Wash 7/29/23 8:30-11:30am

Students/parents will sell car wash tickets in advance for $5.  100% of money raised through ticket sales will go into that student’s Charms ledger!

All money raised from donations the day of the car wash will be entered into the boosters’ general fund to help lower band fees across the board next year.


All orders should be placed online using this form:  Customers may pay students with cash or pay BTWHS Band Boosters directly via CashApp at $btwhsband.  Students will turn all cash in to the band office and will be issued an order form with customers listed and car wash tickets.  It is the student’s responsibility to deliver car wash tickets to customers! 


The last day to turn in cash and collect tickets is at Freshman Orientation, 7/27 9-11:30am.


When you deliver your customer’s tickets, let them know they should present the ticket at the gate of the BTWHS bus ramp between 8:30-11:30am on Saturday, 7/29 for a car wash.  The bus ramp is located across the street from Sam’s Club and behind the McDonald’s on Airport Blvd.


We need student and parent volunteers!  Please sign up here: 

Most everyone that helped us at the last car wash had a pretty good time, despite the heat.  I can provide witnesses if you need one!  Come out and have a great time with us!
All volunteers will receive 5 service hours for working that day.

  • ADULTS: adults will take donations, supervise car washers, make sure car washers and sign-holders swap out fairly, and run a drink/snack table for customers
  • STUDENTS: students will take turns washing cars and standing out on the sidewalks at College/Airport to drum up customers.  All students *will* wash cars.  Please wear school-appropriate and car wash-appropriate clothing.  No bathing suits.  No expensive shoes that can’t get wet.


  • 8AM: Volunteers report and set up on the bus ramp
  • 8:30AM: Car wash opens
    • meanwhile: students will swap out washing cars and drumming up business at the intersection of College/Airport
  • 11:30AM: car wash closes, clean up
  • 12PM: students dismissed

All volunteers will earn 5 volunteer hours!


Can you help out by donating a case of drinks or snacks for the folks out working in the heat?  Bless!!  See what we’re looking for & sign up for anything you’d like to provide here:

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