2024-25 Color Guard Auditions

Auditions for the 2024-25 BTWHS Band Color Guard April 15-19, 5-7pm

2023-24 Color Guard rehearsing for Marching MPA
  • No flag or dance experience necessary
  • Report to BTWHS band room by 5pm.  After registration/attendance, we will move out to the outdoor basketball courts and/or drivers ed range.
  • All students must attend all 5 days for the full 2 hours. If you can’t make it by 5pm or must leave early please email instructors ahead of time.
  • Students will pay a $50 deposit on their 2024-25 band fees on 4/15 via cash or CashApp.  This will be returned to the student if they are not selected for the team.
  • Students must bring an insulated refillable water bottle
  • Students must wear dress code-approved PE-style clothing every day:
    • white top
    • black bottoms
    • socks
    • athletic shoes – no slides, Crocs, sandals, etc.
  • Students will be asked to provide their current teachers a link to an online recommendation form.
  • Students must be willing to learn from instructors as well as student leaders
  • Students will be taught basic flag work, as well as classical and modern dance
  • Students must be willing to spend time practicing at home

Students will be selected for the 2024-25 Color Guard team based on results of a rubric. In past years students were scored on the following items:

  • Following instructions
    • Is the fee deposit paid on time?  
    • Does the student wear the correct athletic clothing? 
    •  Has the student sent/received teacher recommendations?  
      • Students will be provided a link to an online spreadsheet where they can monitor which of their teachers have supplied a recommendation.  It is up to students to follow up on this – any student with fewer than 4 recommendations will not be selected for the team.
  • Attendance/punctuality
    • Is the student present every day?  
    • Does the student arrive early/on time?
    • Does the student email instructors if they are going to be late/leave early?
  • Skill level/willingness to try new things/willingness to learn
    • Does the student demonstrate a willingness to learn new things?  
    • Does the student make progress?  
    • Is the student practicing at home?
  • Academics
    • Does the student have at least a 2.0GPA?
    • Do the student’s current teachers think they would be a good fit for our program? 
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