Concert Band Camp 2024

Every wind and percussion player in the BTWHS Band is required to attend both days of the 2024 Concert Band Camp in Febraury. 

Please make plans to adjust your schedules now for this event – two months notice should be plenty of time for everyone to be able to attend.



  • Friday, 2/2 5-8pm
  • Saturday, 2/3 9am-2pm

If your student needs assistance with transportation please let us know now so we can help make arrangements!


In and around the BTWHS Band room.  Report to the band room for instructions about your rehearsal spaces.


All students should bring their instrument (all the bits and pieces you need), music, and any accessories needed to be able to rehearse successfully. 

PLEASE bring all of your music: anyone that needs to replace their music during Concert Band Camp will pay $5 per page to replace their music.


This is the sit-down band version of marching band camp where we drilled marching fundamentals and learned the halftime show.  These two days will save us WEEKS of rehearsals, and will give students the opportunity to work with some incredible local band directors and musicians.



  • 3:15pm band room will close; students must leave campus
  • 4:45pm band room will open, students report
  • 5:00pm all students begin rehearsing their MPA music with their clinician
  • 8:00pm all students dismissed


  • 8:30am band room will open, students report to the band room to find masterclass location
  • 9:00am all students report to their prinicple instrument masterclass;
  • 11:00am lunch
  • 12:00pm all students report to their ensemble rehearsal location to rehearse with clinicians
  • 2:00pm all students dismissed

As we are still two months out, the daily schedule may change but the dates are set.  We’ll update you if schedule changes happen!

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