BTWHS Band Volunteer Training Meetings!

Volunteer Training


The BTWHS Band Boosters is the largest parent volunteer organization on campus and take that responsibility very seriously.  We expect BTWHS Band Students to be exceptional and expect nothing less of our adults!  We want you to know what is expected of you, of the kids you’re in charge of, and what to expect at a football game, competition, or band trip before you get there and realize you hate everything.  

Do I have to?

If you plan to chaperone, work the equipment crew, or pull that important shift in concessions to have your concession fee waived, yes!

Fine, what do I have to do?

I’ve scheduled 3 meetings across 3 different days and times to try to account for as many schedules as possible.  We need every person that plans to volunteer with us to attend ONE (1) of the THREE (3) scheduled meetings.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ATTEND ALL THREE!

Please note that all meetings will be held in-person only – no online options are available.  We encourage anyone to wear a mask and will do our best to maintain proper distance at all times.

Also, I’d really like for you to sign up for the meeting you plan to attend so I know approximately how many people to expect.  Signing up is easy and relatively painless; select which of the following dates/times you can attend and click the link behind it.  FIll in the info and submit it – you’re signed up!  You’ll receive email/text notifications to remind you.  Remember, every adult only needs to attend ONE meeting!

Who is eligible to volunteer?

  1. All volunteers must be 21 years of age or older.
  2. All volunteers (including district employees) must pass a basic background check (run by the front office)
  3. All volunteers must attend a Volunteer Training meeting
  4. All volunteers must complete the 2-page ECSD volunteer form and turn it in to the band room

How do I sign up to volunteer at games/competitions/trips/etc?

I’ll go over all this and more at the training meetings!  I’ll be available afterward to answer questions, as will our our Chaperone and Concession heads!  

We need you!

We can’t do this without you, family!  Please make plans to attend one of the above meetings and help us make this an amazing year for our students!

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