Concert Black for 2020-21

Current BTWHS band members & family, please read your email for info about what we expect from our wind and percussion students regarding concert black this year.


Example of men’s concert black
  • Button down, collared, solid black dress shirt
  • Solid black dress pants
  • solid tall black socks
  • Solid black tie or bow tie
  • Solid black dress shoes or clean marching shoes


Examples of ladies’ concert black

Wind ensemble ladies, we will NOT be using the school-owned concert dresses this year so you will need to provide your own.

  • This is a little more complicated, naturally…please choose between
    • Solid black floor/ankle-length dress
    • Solid black floor/ankle-length skirt and solid black dress blouse
    • Solid black dress pants and solid black dress blouse
  • Solid black dress shoes – the less heel the better as we do a lot more moving about in concert black than you might expect, and sometimes really, really fast.
  • Young ladies in Wind Ensemble will NOT be fitted for concert dresses this year.  They must provide their own concert black.
  • Young ladies that play percussion or any of the bass/contra clarinets are encouraged to wear dress pants/slacks to make their performance more comfortable.

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