Want your concession fee waived? Of course you do!

Every marching band student has a $50 concession fee in their Charms ledger.  This fee can be waived entirely after you sign up, show up, clock in, and work one concession shift at a home game.

  • PLEASE NOTE: you must work a CONCESSION SHIFT in the CONCESSION STAND.  Chaperoning and working on the equipment crew will not get your concession fee waived!  I don’t mean to condescend – this has been an issue in the past and I want to be very clear from the beginning.
  • ALSO NOTE: before you volunteer you must attended a volunteer training meeting where you fill out the volunteer application.  This meeting will detail how to sign up, when to report, where to report, etc. 

Which game do I sign up for?

The real answer is “whichever one you want, as long as there are slots open.”  The more complicated answer is “the one your student’s section is assigned to, if possible, please.”

Every year I run a report of all marching band students and split them up as evenly as possible to ensure we have equal coverage across the whole season.  If you are unable to work the night your student’s section is assigned please feel free to sign up on a more convenient night.  The important thing is that we have your help at one game!

Here are the assignments & links to sign up:


Why wasn’t my concession fee waived? I chaperoned Friday night!

You have to work a concession shift to have your concession fee waived. Chaperoning and working the equipment crew do not count!

I can’t work the shift you assigned my student’s section! What do I do?

Sign up for any open spot on a night you’re available – it’s all good!

When will my concession fee be waived?

The Tuesday after a home football game I will run a volunteer report in Charms.  I will waive the $50 concession fee of every student that had an adult work concessions (again, not chaperoning or equipment crew – only concessions!) on their behalf at the most recent home game based on that report.  Pro tip: if you do not clock in you will not appear on my report…make sure you clock in!

Oops…I signed up for the wrong game/volunteer position! Help!

No worries, email me ([email protected]).  Let me know what entry you would like me to delete and I’ll make it happen!

I have a lot of love and time to give – can I work on behalf of another student?

Of COURSE!  If you would like to donate a shift to a student that doesn’t biologically belong to you please let us know this when you clock in.  Follow up with an email to me ([email protected]) as Friday nights in the band room are super hectic.  This is a lovely and selfless thing to do and I salute you!

Please email me with any other questions!

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