Jazz Band Rehearsals/MPA

There will be required after-school jazz band rehearsals on Fridays beginning one week from today.  Please make plans for your jazz band student to attend.  All rehearsals have been added to the Google Calendar (https://goo.gl/PpUoYZ) as well as the Charms calendar.

REQUIRED After-school rehearsals

  • Friday, 1/27 3:30-5:15pm in the band room
  • Friday, 2/3 3:30-5:15pm in the band room
  • Friday, 2/10 3:30-5:15pm in the band room

Jazz MPA

As a reminder, Jazz Music Performance Assessment will be 2/17 at PSC in the Ashmore Fine Arts Auditorium. We will be assigned a performance time in the next few weeks and can give a detailed itinerary at that time.  Students will ride over together on a bus and we will need chaperones.  If you’d like to sign up (remember that we do not know the time yet – it could be any time between 10am-5pm) you can do so here: https://www.charmsoffice.com/charms/volunteerR.asp?s=BTWashHSB&v=5673565  Once we know what time we perform we will send out an itinerary.  We would LOVE for you to come to PSC to watch the performance if you’re able!  I will try to livestream the performance as well.

Concert Black

Please make plans NOW to get your student’s concert black outfit together to avoid rushing around and stressing the day of MPA.  Here is what they will need for all performances through the end of the year:

  • OPTION 1
    • solid black button down, long sleeve dress shirt
    • solid black dress pants (no jeans)
    • solid black dress shoes (clean marching shoes are fine, but no sneakers)
    • tall, solid black socks
    • *we will provide a blue tie
  • OPTION 2
    • solid black dress blouse (must have sleeves)
    • solid black ankle-length or floor-length skirt OR solid black dress ankle-length pants (no jeans)
    • solid black dress shoes (flats preferred – there’s a LOT of walking)
  • OPTION 3
    • solid black ankle-length/floor-length dress (must have sleeves)
    • solid black dress shoes (flats preferred)

I apologize in advance for shouting, but every year someone shows up in jeans:


Ahem.  Thank you for your time!

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