Cookie Dough Fundraiser!

Your students should have brought home the flyer for our first fundraiser of the year on Thursday after practice!  Here are all the details:


All order forms and money are due by Oct 1st in the band dropbox. 

Please note: you *must* total up your orders on your order form and add up your money to make sure they match.  If I receive an order in the drop box with missing money I will hand the entire thing back to your student for y’all to figure out and turn back in.


Cash or checks made out to BTWHS Band. 

*Please note that any checks returned for insufficient funds will see a $25 returned check fee added to your student’s Charms ledger.


The money raised from this fundraiser will go toward our first big project of the year: improving instrument and equipment storage in the band room.  Cabinets that close (and lock!) and are even designed to contribute to the acoustics of a room.  Right now we have plywood shelves in a tiny room.  Here’s a link to show you what we’re looking at:

Why do we need a fundraiser for this? We received a quote 5 years ago to set up just that small instrument room and it was over $25,000.  This is a big deal, though, as the ability to securely store instruments prevents them from being handled by folks that don’t know how to use them correctly and will also help us save money on instrument repairs in the long run. 


We hope to have a link for you to be able to share with friends and family out of town so they can also participate!  They’ll order and pay online and their orders will be shipped to them.  I’ll get that out as soon as we have it!


We’re waiting for the date of pick up as well – as soon as we get that info I’ll get it out to you as well! 

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